I got Tag (Body Sprayed)

Seeing other blogs getting tagged by the “5 things we don’t know about you” game of blog-tag that’s been going around, and not being tagged myself, made me so very depressed.  Not because I wasn’t getting tagged, but because I knew I ultimately would be tagged, and then I’d have to choose whether to go along with it and join in, or ignore it.  Well, I was tagged and now the question is:  will I or won’t I?

Well, here’s my answer:

1) I am bothered by that Brita television ad.  You know the one: There’s a glass of water on a table in an apartment (or house?).  We hear a toilet flush, and see the water in the glass lower and then rise up, as if it was a toilet.  The woman comes out of the bathroom, sits down at the table, and goes to drink the glass of water.  The text comes up and says something like:  The same water that goes to your toilet goes to your kitchen tap”.  I get bugged when I see that ad because I don’t like the way it manipulates people.  It implies that the water from your tap is dirty because it’s from the same source that goes to your toilet.  So what if the same water goes to your toilet and to your tap?  As long as the water isn’t going from your toilet to your tap, then no worries about the toilet, right?.  That bugs me.  (And don’t even get me going on those forest-shitting bears who wipe their hairy asses with toilet paper!)

2) In the entirety of my life to date, there hasn’t been a lot of death in my family, or even my extended family.  Now, though, many of my relatives (parents, aunts, uncles, brothers) are getting up there in age.  For the past few years, I’ve been preparing myself for an onslaught of death to people I love and the emotional mess that this will cause me.  Any time a phone rings at home, at an unusual hour, I expect and prepare for it to be a call telling me so-and-so just died.  I’ve got death on my mind.

3) There are a few words I continually mis-type, every time I type them.  For instance, I always type it “Charlottetwon”.  Not as bad as Rod, the guy I work with.  He always types “discount” as “discocunt”.

4) I just turned down what may have been pretty easy money on a potentially long-term, periodic acting gig because I wasn’t very impressed with the material or the .  I am torn between feeling good for having standards and feeling bad for not taking the easy money.  I will probably hate myself when the project succeeds and improves, and I am left with nothing.

5) I rarely arrive late to things. While this is often a good thing, sometimes I take measures too far to ensure I arrive on time or earlier.  I have begun to allow myself not to be on time if doing so causes me too much agitation.  I have begun to be more selfish.

So, I’ve done the first part of the assignment.  I will not, however, forward the request to others.  This arm of the 5 Things Meme ends right here.


  1. Ann says:

    And did you ever notice that the Brita lady flushes the toilet but does not wash her hands before she picks up the drinking glass?


  2. Rob says:

    Yes, Ann. I did notice that. And yes, yuck.


  3. graham putnam says:

    What’s the acting gig? Can I do it? Would you be mad? I’ll give you a cut!!!
    Oh and discocunt is my new favourite word.


  4. Yanik says:

    me too, graham.
    discocunt: noun (informal). a woman who dances with you all sexy, all night, then sends you home alone with a handshake and an empty wallet.


  5. Cool Girl says:

    I too am bothered greatly by that Brita Ad.
    Have you noticed that now there is tiny, small print which says something to the effect of “municipal water supplies in Canada are safe to drink”? Can you say lawsuit threat?
    The ad which greatly bothers me aired over Christmas. It was for West 49th, which seems to be a skateboard store or the like.
    You’ve got the young boys opening their presents but when they realize it is not what they want – they destroy the house. Rip down the Christmas tree. And beat up their dads, or something like that.
    The warm message conveyed: If you hate your gift, grab you gun and force your dad to buy you something you really want at West 49th.


  6. shawnte says:

    Discocunt. Priceless.


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