PEI Revue

Hey, the PEI Revue hits the stage this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Jan.18-20) at the Carrefour Theatre at 8pm each night.
Tickets are $22.00 tax included.  Well worth the money.

If you like to laugh, and like to see/hear jokes/sketches about this province called Prince Edward Island, you should check it out.  Sketch comedy, songs and Lorne Elliot stand-up.  A great way to spend a night in the dead of winter.



  1. graham says:

    I saw it full through for the first time tonight, and I definately give it thumbs up.
    Good work to all the cast, writers and crew who put this together.
    Hopefully it’s the first of an annual


  2. Yanik says:

    Good times. Good idea for a show. Lotsa stuff to take the piss out of ’round here.


  3. Gillian says:

    Saw it the first night. For the most part it was excellent. Parts I didn’t like and hoped they cut after the first night was the reference to Camp Kenchef (spelled wrong, I’m sure) and the very last line from the seal about “everyone should die in a nuculear fire.” Bad taste boys. Other than the fact that a Lorne Elliot really didn’t have a large part in the show it was good. Elliot had top billing and was definitely the drawing card, but truth be known MacDonald, Weal, and the other two were head and shoulder over him.


  4. graham says:

    They weren’t cut. And the show remained strong. I don’t agree that they were in bad taste, but that’s the whole thing about taste, isn’t it. Subjectivity.
    I agree that MacDonald, Weale and the other two: Trainer, McLure, Martin, McKachren and Whelan stole the show.
    Decent Lights, too…
    …unless you were a professional lighting guy.


  5. Rob MacD says:

    Thanks for the comments, Gillian. Sorry you didn’t like the Gencheff line, or the nuclear fire line. I had to toss something into the mix, I guess, to appeal to the people whose humour is a bit more on edge.
    Like Graham says, taste is so subjective.


  6. señior psychosis says:

    At least you didn’t say “everyone but the staff at Camp Gencheff should die in a nuclear fire.”


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