Two, Right On, Rock Videos

It’s not that I don’t enjoy Patti Smith. It’s just that she’s one of those artists that I just never got around to “getting into”. However, this video above, absolutely rocks. It’s Patti Smith, in 1979, on some kids television show called “Kids Are People Too”. She sings “You Light Up My Life”. Seriously. She sings “You Light Up My Life”.

This is U2’s new video for “Window in the Skies”. Kind of a videographic mashup. A great idea for a video, and pretty well executed. I often wonder how things like this come together. I mean, like the nuts and bolts of it, after the “hey, here’s a neat idea!” stage. You know, the “okay, now we need a two-second clip of somebody plucking a bass” stage. “Anybody know of a clip where the drummer drums to this beat?”


  1. maryanne says:

    hey Rob, I love Patti Smith, and I love her more now.


  2. graham says:

    I don’t normally like U2 (to the chagrin of many of my compatriots), but this video/song made me feel good about them.
    I guess I just don’t like the look of Bono.
    Same reason I can’t stand Led Zeppelin. Robert Plants hair.


  3. Steverino says:

    I can sort of see that… (as shown in the pic I made below)

    but I don’t think I’d ever get so hung up on someone’s hair that I would deny the awesomeness of their music.


  4. graham says:

    I actually like their music… until HE starts singin and throwing his hair around and stuff.


  5. Yanik says:

    If only the U2 video director had made the music too.


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