Happy Valentimes. Seriously.

Last night’s 30 Rock was great.  Alec Baldwin is wonderful.  The whole cast is fun.  My biggest laugh came when Rachel Dratch, this episode a trampy prostitute, screamed “Happy Valentimes!!”  I appreciated that the line wasn’t commented upon by any of the characters.  It was just allowed to live on its own merits.

Anyway, I just saw a photo, and then read a story about a couple who recently got married.  I’d recommend you read the story first.  Then look at the photo.  Because if you do it vice versa, like I did, you’ll likely feel sad, until after you read the story.

Here’s the link to the story.

Here’s the link to the photo.  It won first prize at this year’s World Press Photo.

I hope it makes you feel good.  I hope any cynicism you have can be ignored for the duration of your involvement in the story and picture.

Happy Valentimes.  Next week.


  1. Steverino says:

    Was that 30 Rock a repeat? It musta been, since Dratch was replaced with what’s-her-name. I remember that episode & quote. Funny stuff.
    That picture… oy… wowzers. The story, too… it’ definitely inspirational, but still pretty bothersome. I just wonder about his future, if he’ll get much better, and if they have kids, what stuff’ll be like for them, etc. She’s definitely standing by her man, though!
    One thing about the pic that bugs me, though. She doesn’t look happy at all. She’s not even looking at him. Kinda creepy.
    Still, gotta wish ’em the best & lotsa luck.


  2. Rob MacD says:

    Wasn’t a repeat. This is the episode that was sort of a continuation of the Paul Reubens episode from the week before. Isabella Rossalini and Alec Baldwin’s characters finally sign their divorce papers, prompting Baldwin to go on a drunken spree, where he meets Dratch’s prostitute. So, Dratch is still on the show. Maybe you’re thinking about her being replaced to play the lead comedienne of The Girlie Show, the show within the show? I know she was originally scheduled to play that role, now played by what’s-her-name.


  3. Steverino says:

    Yeah, must be. I think (I may be wrong), in the first couple of episodes, it was Dratch in that role? I remember her being on the show at the beginning in some sort of role anyway, and then disappearing. I only see the show every now and then, and I haven’t seen Dratch in ages. She’s funny. I also like Tracy Morgan, and kind of wish his own show was still on.


  4. graham says:

    Dretch played a group counellor, prompting the comedians to be rude to each other. Also she played the old one on the View.


  5. dylan says:

    The original unaired pilot has Dratch as Jenna. I know I’ve been confused by unaired pilots this season already. I watched Heroes unaired pilot and in it Isaac cuts his hands off imagine my surprise when months later i watch the second episode and he has hands. It seems like their own inside joke now to have Dratch play different characters.
    1. The C Word (????) – Various (pilot episode: Jenna DeCarlo)
    2. Pilot (11 October 2006) – Greta Johanssen
    3. The Aftermath (18 October 2006) – Maria
    4. Jack Meets Dennis (30 November 2006) – Liz Taylor
    5. Tracy Does Conan (7 December 2006) – Blue Man
    6. The Break-Up (14 December 2006) – Pamela Smew
    7. The Baby Show (4 January 2007) – Greta Johanssen
    8. The Rural Juror (11 January 2007) – Barbara Walters


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