Don’t Make Me Come Down There…

So, I’ve been thinking of trying to start this video project.  Very simple, with no reward other than doing it.  Basically, the idea is to get random people (friends, mostly) at random times and at random places to perform a very short, very specific one person, one-take, one shot (partial) scene on my digital camera, and then compile them all.

Here’s the scene:

This is the backstory to the scene:
You play a tough guy or gal.  You’re like muscle for the mob, or something.  A collector. You’re talking to someone who owes money.  This person is someone you know from your past.  Someone you know of outside of your life as a collector, though you aren’t close.  Maybe someone from “the neighbourhood”.  The relationship is up to you.  The important thing is that you are familiar enough with this person that a meeting with them isn’t only about business.  They know what you do, but maybe they don’t know the extremes to which you’ll go to get your point across.

The shot in question takes place after there’s been a bit of “getting caught up” small talk.  Small talking done, you move on to the matter of the money you owe.  The person sort of non-committedly says that you’ll get the money.  They promise.

Now the specific shot and dialogue that I’d shoot each time:

You have three lines of dialogue: 

Don’t make me come down there.  No, relax, I’m just joking.  Seriously, though, don’t make me come down there.

You can say the lines any way you want.  Your objective, though, is to convey that you are serious that if you don’t get the money, the person will get hurt.  The way I hear the lines is this:  first line is said kind of as a faux (but real) threat.  Second line is to lighten the mood of the person who is maybe afraid by your first line.  The third line is said in a way to make it clear that you are not just joking.  But you might find a more interesting way to deliver them.

I doubt I’ll ever get around to getting anyone to give it a go.  If you see me around town, and I happen to have my little camera with me, be brave and ask me to shoot you saying these lines.

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