Craig Ferguson on the Britney thing

I strive to ignore those big irrelevant “news” stories about celebrities.  The ones like Anna Nicole’s Death, and Bald Britney’s Binge.  I get angry at how so many people get involved in them, simply because they are being covered.  I wish more people would take a personal initiative to ignore the celebrity news we are spoon fed.

Here’s a YouTube link to a Craig Ferguson (he of the Late, Late Show on CBS) monologue where he promises to  take a higher road in his comedy rather than picking on/making fun of people who are in vulnerable situations.  It’s a nice sentiment, and I wish him well with that goal.  Good luck!  His reference to Britney is only tangential and most of the monologue is when he was still a drinker, and how he sees similarities between those days for him and the current situation for her.

Craig Ferguson’s Britney Monologue

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