The Thousand Dollar Offer

I get the feeling that there’s lots of buzz about the upcoming special draw where someone could win a million dollars a year for 25 years.  I don’t have a ticket, likely won’t buy one, but if I did, and I won, I’d definitely take the 17 million dollar lump sum up front, rather than the million a year.

But lottery mania made me think of this question:  If you regularly buy lotto tickets, like I do, hopefully you realise you’re likely to never win “the big one”.  So, the question is:  if that Magical Entity came up to you and said “I’ll give you X amount of dollars right now, but in so doing, you will be unable to ever win any more money or prizes in any contesting game again”, what’s the least amount of money you’d accept?

Would a guaranteed one thousand dollars in your pocket today be enough to keep you from, in the future, hoping that impossible hope that you’ll win big money in the next lottery?  Chances are you’ll never win a thousand dollar prize.  So, wouldn’t that be better than nothing?  Me, I don’t think a thousand would be enough.  I’d have to barter it up to ten thousand, I think.  However, if the offer was actually out there, rather than just a fancy in my mind, I’d no doubt give the thousand dollar offer serious thought.

By the way, wasn’t Fancy In My Mind a top 30 country hit for Fatsy Charlene and Big Dick McPhealey?

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  1. stan rogers says:

    I thought the song was “mine in your fanny” but I can’t really remember because I had just shit my pants.


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