American Idol – The Final 8 – A Review

I’m not going to bother with much of a review, because, really, who cares?

Melinda – Too old looking.  Sings with professionalism, but lacked heart last night.  Safe, though.
LaKisha – Didn’t think it was a good song for her.  Also, she’s got to stop giving that “Oh no you di-int!” look of anger when she sings.  It’s worked for a few songs now, but not with Conga.  She’ll be safe, though.
Chris – I thought he was awful.  The judges didn’t.  Likely safe.
Haley – I thought she was awful. So did the judges.  Not safe.
Phil – I always think he’s awful.  Don’t like him.  Not quite safe.
Jordin – Not as good as she’s been in weeks past.  Good enough to be safe, though.
Blake – The best of the night.  But still, not really all that great.
Sanjaya – Everyone’s talking about how good he did, but really, he wasn’t all that great.  His lower register notes were way off and weak.  It was his best performance, but have you seen his other performances? He’ll be safe.  He’d be safe even if he sang terribly, though.  Stupid fans.

Most everyone didn’t “get” the Latin thing.  They all sang pretty white.

J-Lo was fairly innocuous as a guest.

Haley will be going.  Don’t know who the other “bottom three” will be.  I’ll say Phil and Chris.


  1. lacochran says:

    This season’s talent pool–and I use the term loosely–is so dull. No stage presence. No personality. Tens of thousands of people auditioned and this is what we get.
    And yet I watch. Week after week I watch. Must be a hypnotizing trick of CocaCola’s.
    The fun has become trying to anticipate what Simon will way before he says it.
    -lacochran (


  2. graham says:

    That’s what I’ve always thought of the show. I have absolutely no fucking idea why people watch complete seasons of it. I avidly watch the tryouts, but I just don’t see where the joy is in the final stages, except as you said Simons sometimes witty remarks.


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