Thank God You’re Canceled

It’s not canceled yet, but I want to be the first to have written that headline when the show “Thank God You’re Here” does get canceled.  Which it will.

I’ve talked about it before, about how I didn’t like the season’s second show, which was the first show I’d seen.  I have since watched every episode so far, and I can now say with absolute certainty that I do not find the show enjoyable.  If I watch any more it will only be because I have a weak spot for seeing others perform improv and secretly comparing how I’d imagine I’d perform in their stead.  I always think I’d do better.

The problems I have with the show, now that I’ve seen it a few times, are the same ones I had before.  The segments that don’t include actual improvising are deadly boring.  Anytime David Alan Grier is on the tv screen is wasted time.  Having Dave Foley judge is pointless and tiring and wastes more time.   Now that I’ve seen a number of improvs, and see that it never veers from the “fill in the blank” type of improv, it’s become a pretty tedious entertainment.  The celebrity guests are, for the most part, not very good at improvising.  Of course, they aren’t really allowed to improvise because each scene demands that all involved in each scene follow a pre-arranged point-to-point-to-point set of setups designed solely so that the celebrity guest can fill in the blanks.
Improv is at its funniest when the unexpected happens.  This show does not encourage the unexpected to happen because the scenes are too structured.  The only times I found myself even slightly amused were when something unexpected happened and everyone in the scene had to react to it.

I do not like this show.  Not in the least.  I watch it, though, because I hope beyond hope that finally it will get it right.  But I thought the same thing about Sanjaya, and he didn’t end well.

So, let me be the first to say it:  “Thank God You’re Canceled!”


  1. graham says:

    Agreed. There were moments when I laughed, but not enough to warrent a TV show. I feel sorry for most of the guests as I’ve seen them be funny or see them try to do something funny only to be blocked. Improv 101 for high school students is don’t block.
    I refuse to watch another moment of this show! OFF WITH IT’S HEAD!


  2. Ted Park says:

    For this they’re canceling The Black Donnellys?


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