Car For… Someone Get It The Hell Out Of Our Driveway

Okay, here’s the deal:

We have a 1991 Chevy Lumina that we want to remove from our sight.

We stopped using the car last July when we got a new-to-us car (stopped paying insurance on a car we weren’t going to drive). Until that point, the Chevy Lumina was our primary car. It was serviceable, although not without problems. Most of those problems had been fixed (new ignition, new alternator the most recent repairs). One problem not fixed is the passenger’s side power-window does not work (motor needs to be replaced). The engine works did work well. Body is in pretty good shape.
Like I say, when we stopped using it in July 2006, the car was working well. The inspection became due in August 2006, but we never bothered to get it inspected. In October, the rearview mirror fell off the front windshield, and is now dangling from the electrical cord. It needs to be glued (??) to the windshield.
Over the course of the winter, I was starting the engine every couple of weeks, keeping it active.  It had always started easily. However, in February, I neglected to do so, and the next time I tried to start the car, in March, there was nothing. No power. The ignition doesn’t even turn over. Absolutely dead.  Tried to boost it. Nothing happened.  Thinking it might be loose battery connections, I removed, cleaned the leads and reattached, to no avail. There is no power whatsover.
Another problem: the front passenger tire developed a slow leak over the winter and flattened over the last couple of months. I removed it, and the tire is in rough shape (it’s in the trunk). Currently the utility spare is on that wheel.  The jack is in wonderful working order, by the way.

I am sick of seeing this car and want it removed from our property. Obviously, with a 16 year old car that is not inspected, does not start and is standing on three good tires, we’re not in much of a bargaining position in terms of expecting much money for the vehicle.

If this is a vehicle you think you could use in some way, make us an offer. I’d be surprised if your offer was refused. Email me at the address to the left of this post.

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