Two Very Special Episodes of Sketch22

This Thursday and Friday, Sketch22 deals with the very serious topic.  Mrs. Douglas comes home early from PTA and catches the kids smoking marijuana in the basement.  Lessons are learned.

Really, Harmony is away this weekend, doing special Harmony things, and what’s a sketch group to do?  Well, they get their producer, Jason Rogerson to wiggle into Harmony’s costumes and play her roles himself.

SEE!  J-Ro in the super tight Miss Eyesore Journey Uniform!!
SEE! Jason in the virginal-white-but-slutty-in-all-other-respects short short nurse’s outfit!
SEE!  Mr. Rogerson!!  On Stage!!  Without a Bass!!

It’s going to be two unique shows, to be sure.  Thursday’s show will be as if Jason and the Rest of the Cast are nervous teenage lovers, excitedly grabbing at each other’s private parts in the backseat of Jason’s parent’s car.  Friday’s performance will resemble the night after the wedding night of our blessed union: after the fumblings of the night before, each will be eager to tease and please the other.

Yeah, okay, enough with the teenage lover metaphor.

Come check it out.  It’s going to be a fun couple of shows.

Thursday & Friday, 8pm, The Guild, Charlottetown.
Tickets $20 – but bring an extra fifty cents per ticket because The Guild is inexplicably demanding a $0.50 surcharge on each ticket.

Reserve your tickets by calling 620-3333

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