Time For NFL Picks

If there’s anyone who still reads this thing and wants to join in on another season of picking who will win NFL games each week, head to this link and sign up:

The Weekly NFL Picks Page

Once you sign up (they probably require an email address, but after a number of years being involved, I can attest to the fact that they don’t do anything with your address), search for the group The Annekenstein Monster.  The password is sketch22

You don’t have to be into football, or knowledgeable about the teams, really.  Since each game is based on the betting line, it’s really pretty much a crap-shoot as to whether you’re right or not each game.  That’s what I tell myself, anyway, since I basically suck at it.  Those who win tend to think that their skill gets them their victories, but they are wrong.

So, sign up and see how you do.


  1. Once I complete my power rankings for all NFL teams and then cross reference their schedules and strategies I will be ready to dominate.
    Or I could steal graham’s gemerald of truth.


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