I’m A Virgo. He’s A Gemini (nominated writer)

A big “way to go!!” to my pal David for being nominated for a Gemini for the writing he did on an episode of Robson Arms.  That is pretty frickin’ cool.  Because, like, we used to write stuff together.  So, really, it’s me who’s been nominated.

Seriously, though, that’s a pretty cool thing to have happen to someone you occasionally go to movies with.  To someone who you used to write plays with.

David’s been pretty involved with Robson Arms over the past couple of years, and I feel guilty for not watching the show.  However, it’s just not caught on with me (admittedly, I haven’t given it too many chances).  I blame CTV for part of this.  Because it seems they aren’t properly promoting the show.  Anytime I see a promo for that week’s episode, they try to sell it as a comedy, it seems.  And the few episodes I’ve watched, they weren’t really comedy.  They were more dramatic, with elements of comedy.  I find this a bit confusing, and in this world of too-many-things-to-see-and-do, sometimes “a bit confusing” is all it takes to turn someone away from a program, even if your pal is a writer on it.

When I went looking through the list of categories of Gemini awards to see if Robson Arms was nominated for anything, I honestly didn’t know whether to click on the Comedy or Drama links.  Turns out it’s in the Drama category.

Anyway, guilt aside, I’m totally thrilled for David and hope he wins.


  1. Jay says:

    Dave M! Representing! Congrats, man. Well deserved.


  2. misskris says:

    It is such a great show Rob! I agree CTV does not promote it enough, I feel like I waited for two years for season two and only found it by accident (a.k.a- persistant searches for more information…)
    You can watch past episodes on CTV.ca I highly recommend doing so.


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