Urban Eatery

I’m a pretty big fan of the Urban Eatery, the new “food court” at the Confederation Court Mall.

Since Phase One opened, I’d been going there at least once a week at lunch.  At first I’d mostly been choosing between the soups of the day (haven’t had one I didn’t like yet, and each day seems to have two new varieties, haven’t noticed repeats yet) or a pizza slice.  Couple of weeks ago, I started experimenting with sandwiches, which I’m very much enjoying.  While the old Grandma’s Kitchen sandwiches tasted okay, I was always miffed with the small amount of meat for the price ratio.  I think that’s what made me wait so long to start getting sandwiches at Urban Eatery.  I gotta say, the 1/4 pound sandwiches are great.  Lotsa meat and fresh, delicious bread and fixin’s.

Phase Two opened last week, and today I tried the burgers and meat place.  Pretty good burger, but a bit expensive ($6 for burger only – add $3 more for fries, for example) for my taste.  It was very tasty, though.

Overall, I’m really glad the Urban Eatery is up and running.  And hopefully it’s doing well.  I’d like it to stick around for a while.

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