Juno Anyone Who Didn’t Like It?

I wanted to like the movie Juno more than I ended up liking it. 
I had heard so much positivity about it from pretty much everyone.  Knowing that, I was prepared to take all that hype into account as I sat down to watch it.  I lowered my expectations, knowing that the movie couldn’t possibly live up to all that hype.
I had seen clips of the movie, and found the dialog in them to be somewhat too precious.  I had read reviews and blogs etc that said once you get past the first few minutes, the cleverness of the dialog stops being a bother.

So, knowing all that, and wanting to like the movie, I watched Juno.  I liked it, but I didn’t like like it, like everyone else.  I found I couldn’t get past the too-cool-for-school hip quips that all the characters had at the ready for all those little moments in their lives.  I disliked the convenience store scene with Rainn Wilson as the cashier.  Its verbal tete-a-tete left me cold, and I had a hard time recovering.

My biggest problem with the movie, though, is that I didn’t really like Juno as a character.  I didn’t find her sympathetic really.  I found her to be too aloof and too detached from her emotions.

But that final scene where she and Michael Cera sing on the front step, that was fantastic.  So, this will make it sound like I really disliked the movie, and that’s not the case.  It left me feeling a bit “meh”, but I enjoyed it.

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  1. Nick says:

    She didn’t. That’s for sure:


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