Why, KFC, Are You Such A Teasing Temptress?

They happen. Those “I can’t be satisfied until I get a shot of KFC” feelings come over me maybe once a month or so.
I’d been having the craving for a couple of days, ever since someone casually mentioned KFC to someone else near me. I wasn’t even in the conversation, merely an unintentional eavesdropper. I heard the letters KFC and immediately had that feeling.
Tonight I got home from work, and as there wasn’t really time to get supper ready (Karyn was working ’til 8) before I took Cameron to his table tennis (well, there was time, but you know – that feeling makes one’s sense of time and rationale wonky), so I suggested I pick up K, then aFter pick up C, then after that, get KFC. So, that’s what we did.
I gotta say, I feel guilty enough getting KFC at a meal-time, but there’s something really disturbing about getting it after 8:30pm.
Anyway, we drive to the KFC in East Royalty, go to the drive-thru window and begin to place the order:

Me: I’d like a one-piece chicken, with wedges, please.
Him: Actually, we don’t have any wedges.

I take this in stride, as the wedges were for K, so I order crispy fries for her.
Him: What kind of chicken do you want for the one-piece?
Me (to Karyn): What kind?
K: Breast.
Me (to speaker): Breast please.
Him: Okay.

K’s order is in.
Me: I’d also like a popcorn chicken combo, sweet’n’sour sauce, crispy fries and a 7-Up.
Him: Actually, we don’t have any sweet’n’sour sauce.

I take this in stride, as the sauce is for C’s chicken, so I get Plum sauce instead. C’s order is in.
Me: And I’d like a 4-piece chicken combo–
Him: Actually, if you want a breast for the one-piece and fries, it’s gonna be about twenty minutes.
Me: Okay, then, I guess we’ll cancel our order.
Him: Okay.

Now, I do a weird thing: I’m in the drive-thru, right, but instead of driving forward (there was nobody ahead of us) and thru, I decide to back out (there was nobody behind us). I do so rather awkwardly. Before I get all the way backed out, I begin to turn the car, and I get kind of wedged in the drive-thru. It takes, like, a 7-point turn in order to get out and get away. I was aware that it would have been easier, and possible at any point, to drive straight through, but I guess I couldn’t bear to drive by the drive-thru guy after canceling our order.

Anyway, we got away. Got Wendy’s instead.

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