Ten Random Songs

Time for another installment of “Ten Random Songs”.
Here are the next ten songs that get played on my iTunes. No cheating, no skipping embarrassing songs.

1) Stonger (feat. Daft Punk) – Kanye West: This is from his very good Graduation CD. Lots of great tunes for a Kanye fan to enjoy. I’ve seen Kanye perform this song several times on television and such. The first time was on the Ellen show (didn’t really seem right in that environment), the latest was last week on the Grammys, where Daft Punk supplied the beat looking very Tron-ish. I’d call myself a Kanye fan, but I’m not hard-core in any way. His huge ego is pretty funny. I have this song rated 4 stars out of 5.

2) Camptown Races – Vince Guaraldi:  Yeah, the Charlie Brown music guy.  Fast-paced, jazzy version of the song.  This swings, baby!  4 stars out of 5.

3) Gay Messiah – Rufus Wainwright: From his Want Two album.  I’ve found I’ve given Rufus more of a look than I would have, because his father is Louden, of whom I’m a big fan.  That’s quite a sentence, right there.  Now that I have a bunch of Rufus songs, I find I skip them when they show up on whatever shuffle playlist I have going.  I find a bunch of his songs kind of tedious. This is a keeper, though.

4) To It and At It – Stompin’ Tom Connors: One of those typical Stompin’ Tom songs.  Lots of fun.  On a side note, I’ve been working on a sketch (maybe for next summer’s Sketch22 show) that features someone playing a Stompin’ Tom tribute artist.  I hope that sketch comes to fruition.

5) Sometimes I Rhyme Slow – Jose Gonzalez: Honestly, I don’t  know anything about Jose Gonzalez.  Not sure how this ended up on my computer.  I’m diggin’ it though.  A slow-groove rap song with an oldsy r’n’b feel to it… just did a search and discovered to my surprise that Jose Gonzalez is a Swedish singer-songwriter.  This song doesn’t imply that, and I’m wondering whether it’s mislabeled.

6) Somebody Got Murdered – The Clash:  One of my second-tier Clash favourites.  Yes, Sandinista! is a triple-album, and at the time, many people were saying a lot of it was waste and fluff.  I always liked almost all of the stuff on it, though.  Even if it was pared down to double-album length, this song would have made the grade, I’m sure.

7) Almost All Day – The Waxwings:  iTunes tells me I’ve played this song once before, back in July of this year.  I know nothing about the song, or the group.  Kind of a lopey, sun-shiney sort of song.  I’ve got it rated 3 out of 5.  I think I’m gonna bump that up to 4, though.  Yep. I did. Nice song.  Singer kind of has a George Harrison sound to the voice.  And there’s kind of a Beatles-esque production quality as well that I’m kind of liking.  Ah, I discover they are a Detroit quartet.

8) Crazy In Love – The Magic Numbers: a cover of the Beyonce? song.  I guess it’s a Beyonce song.  Kind of an acoustic guitar duet version.  The Magic Numbers is a British indie band.  I like covers that take the original in a different version, and this delivers.  Kind of reminds me of that Elbow cover of Independent Woman or whatever it was called.  Nice acoustic song.

9) Answering Bell – Ryan Adams: I’ve got a few Ryan Adams songs. Sometimes he frustrates me, but I like this song. I think I’m jealous of his prolificity.  Did I just coin a new word?

10) Dark of the Matinee – Franz Ferdinand: This song keeps showing up on my shuffle playlists more than any other song it seems.  Maybe I just notice it everytime it comes on.  Good song, but I’m growing tired of it, I think.

That’s it.  Must go play table tennis with my son.  It’s a wild Friday night!!

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