American Idol – Top 8 Guys

Here I go with another pointless, irrelevant assessment of the guys of AI. Why haven’t I rated the girls’ performances yet? Honestly, I don’t have it in me to do two recaps a week of this show. So, next week, when they go to Top 12, the chicks and the guys will get the full brunt of my wrath. Lucky then, will be the four who get eliminated this week.

Here, then, my super-fast recap:

Luke Menard – “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”: No, I won’t make a joke about the title of the song and how I’d bet my life that he’ll be one of the two guys who go go this week. I won’t make that joke. But he will go this week, unless the Idiotic Masses of America ™ keep him around. Hope they don’t. Hope he goes.

David Archuleta – “Another Day In Paradise”: He seemed nervous playing the piano and singing at the beginning. Once he left the piano, he picked up the confidence, and, I thought, did a wonderful job. Simon’s right, though. Next week he’s got to brighten the mood.

Danny Noriega – “Tainted Love”
: I liked the arrangement of the song, but I really didn’t like the way he performed it. Pretty weak, vocally. He’ll be gone this week, unless tIMoA ™ haven’t grown tired of his personality yet. He’s a weird character, this Danny. I enjoy his attitude, yet at the same time I am completely bored by it. It’s anyone’s guess how long he’ll stay around, but it won’t be because of his vocal talent.

David Hernandez – “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”: I honestly don’t remember this performance, but I seem to remember thinking he did a good job on a song I don’t like. I do remember the exaggerated eyebrow action. Gotta watch that, kid. Simon says you’re a 100% lock to come back for another week, so I guess I’ll take him at his word.

Michael Johns – “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”
: Every time I see him, I like him less. I wasn’t crazy about this performance. I thought there was something lacking. I think what was lacking, actually, was Michael’s talent. I think he looks like a star, sounds like a star, but I don’t think he has the character to be a star. Right now the judges are all over him with praise, but mark my words: someday they’ll come around to my point of view. He’s safe, I assume.

David Cook – “Hello”: When I watched it, I liked the arrangement of the song, but not your performance. I realize now that my not liking it had nothing to do with the performance, and everything to do with your hair. I hate that ‘do, dude. It ruins everything. It was a good performance.

John Castro – “Hellelujah”: Jason’s another one of those guys with a weird personality. Very much a shy odd-duck. I’m pretty sure I like his personality, but I’d not be surprised to realize I actually don’t. In any event, personality aside, I thought this was a good performance. Kind of breathy, and a few soft notes, but I could pass those off as adding to the sensitivity of the performance. I hope he stays around, because I think I like him.

Chikezie – “All The Man That I Need”: Liked the performance, didn’t like the song. I don’t know what to make of Chikezie. I think he may be the forgotten voice in this group. I think he has a nice voice, seems to have something of a personality, but I wouldn’t be surprised any week if he gets voted out because he seems to be an invisible contestant. I’m not even sure what that means, but I think I’m right. I hope he sticks around.

I’ll say Luke Menard is definitely going, and the second to leave this week will be either Chikezie or Danny Noriega. I’d also not be surprised if Michael Johns leaves.I’ll put it on the line, though, and say Menard and Chikezie don’t make it to Top 12.

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