The Beatles Were The Biggest American Idols

Okay, so am I right? Did I read that this week’s American Idol theme is The Beatles? If so, I’m a bit trepidatious about it, as it’s pretty easy to screw up those songs, since so many are so iconic. Still, maybe there’ll be some nice moments.

I’ve decided to guess which Beatles song will be sung by each performer. I’m making two guesses for each performer.
Then we’ll come back and see if I got any right! Won’t that be fun! Honestly, I probably won’t come back and see if I got any right.

So, The Beatles

Amanda Overmeyer – She’s the rocker chick with the white streak in her hair. Obviously she’ll sing something rockin’ and raspy. My guesses are Helter Skelter or Don’t Let Me Down.

Brooke White – She’s the blonde hippy dippy kinda chick. Look for something kinda soft and/or acoustic-y. I’ll go with Because or Here Comes The Sun.

Carly Smithson – She’s the Irish kinda rocker girl. I’ll guess she’ll sing something cool, like Come Together, or something to show off the voice, like Oh! Darling.

Chikezie – He’s the, um, black guy. My sure-thing pick of the week is that Chikezie sings Got To Get You Into My Life. You know, the funky cover version by Earth, Wind and Fire. A more out-there pick is that he sings Lady Madonna.

David Archuleta – He’s the sensitive teen and odds-on-favourite to win it all. I bet he’ll sing either A Day In The Life or Hey Jude. I also suspect he’ll take Simon’s advice and sing something more upbeat. But these are my two choices for him.

David Cook – He’s the alternative Bad Hair guy. I guess he’ll go kind of out-there and sing She Said She Said. Or he’ll play the guitar and sing the slow version of Revolution.

David Hernandez – He’s the forgettable guy. He’ll sing either You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (with just his guitar, no band) or While My Guitar Gently Weeps (with guitar and band)

John Castro – He’s the shy, awkwardly adorable hippy dippy guy. I picked boring song choices for him: Mother Nature’s Son, or Something. I hope he picks something more interesting and does something cool with it.

Kristy Lee Cook – She’s the country girl. She’s boring to me. I’ll say Blackbird or The Long and Winding Road, but it’ll be countrified.

Michael Johns – He’s the Aussie guy. He’ll sing Taxman. Or he’ll sing Twist and Shout. I really don’t think he’ll sing Twist and Shout or Taxman, but I’m getting tired of picking these songs.

Ramiele Malubay – She’s the little asian-y kind of shy girl. She’ll sing Good Day Sunshine, or she’ll sing Two Of Us (don’t think it’ll work, though, unless someone sings harmony with her all the way through). Okay, Two Of Us is not a good choice.

Syesha Mercado – She’s the pretty Broadway girl. She’ll sing In My Life, or Across The Universe. (I think if she doesn’t grab Across The Universe, then Michael Johns will gobble it up)

So, those are my guesses. Anyone else have any guesses of their own?

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