American Idol – Top 12

So many singers. Here’s a brief recap from the only recapper who matters.

Theme: The Beatles (or more to the fact: the Lennon/McCartney songbook, so no While Your Guitar Gently Weeps, or Don’t Pass Me By)

Syesha – Got To Get You Into My Life: I thought for sure that Chikezie would sing this all Earth, Wind and Firey. Syesha started the show with it and I thought it was a rather flat, pedestrian performance. Liked the pulled-back hair look. She’s safe for this week, easily.

Chikezie – She’s A Woman: Easily the performance of the night, for me. Other’s may have sung better, other’s may have connected more to the emotion of the lyrics, or whatever, but Chikezie came out of the bottom of the pack and showed us all that he’s got mad chops, dawg. Great energy, great arrangement, a little wild, almost out of control, but he made it all work. My favourite performance. I’m liking me the Chikezie.

Ramiele – In My Life: They said it, those judges – boring. That’s all. You are bottom three, guaranteed. (don’t think you’ll leave this week, though)

John Castro – If I Fell: I agree entirely with Simon about the college guy singing in his room at midnight vibe about the performance, but that’s what I liked about it. I like that John Castro doesn’t quite hit some of the notes perfectly because he misses them (in my opinion) due to the emotions he conveys. He seems to me to be more substance of song over style, and I really like that. So, I’m able to forgive those errant notes as being part of the charm. I really enjoyed this performance. But I do agree with Randy about taking too much liberty with the melody and easing off on the alternative notes.

Carly – Come Together: I didn’t love this performance, but thought it was very well done. I felt there was a bit of a disconnect between you and the song. You performed it very well, but it didn’t move me.

David Cook – Eleanor Rigby: I understand why people went gaga for this performance, but I didn’t care too much for it. It was too “contemporary rock sound”, a sound I’m really getting tired of. That Nickleback sound. Ugh. Still, you did it really well, and the “look at all the lonely people” choruses were really, really strong. Just not the kind of strong I care for.

Brooke – Let It Be: I thought it was a good performance, but not as good as the judges gushed it to be. I thought her piano playing was getting in the way of her vocals too much. I think she wasn’t as confident in her piano playing abilities and it was throwing her off just a bit. Still, a very good performance, and touching to see her get so emotional afterwards. I like her despite that patchouli potential about her. Seriously, barefeet? C’mon!

David Hernandez – I Saw Her Standing There
: Absolutely dreadful. That’s all. Bottom three, for sure, and my odds-on favourite for being voted out. Won’t miss you a bit.

Amanda – You Can’t Do That: I liked the Tina Turner arrangement of it, but just like last week, I feel you are too disconnected from the song. I see your vocal range being rather limited and it’s starting to bore me.

Michael – Across The Universe: It was okay, but nothing special in any way. Kind of forgettable, but you shouldn’t be in danger because there were enough memorably bad performances to negate the forgettableness of your performance. Do you have a good voice? I think it’s okay. Are you bland? I think you are.

Kristy Lee – 8 Days A Week: I commend you on the brave choice of arrangement, but thought the performance was awful. I’d like to hear this song performed with that country arrangement but with a singer who’s more vocally talented. You didn’t do it for me in any way. But “Nice try, sir”. You will be bottom three, but your country fan-base will save you this week.

David Archuleta – We Can Work It Out: Was this a matter of one’s head getting too big and not preparing enough for the week? Simply stated, it was a performance that wasn’t ready to be performed. The only question is Why? Your past performances will carry you through, of course, but is this the first sign that the pressure of being the overwhelming favourite is too much for young David to handle?

Bottom Three: Ramiele, David Hernandez, Kristy Lee. Should go: any one of them really.

Will go: David Hernandez.

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