American Idol – Top Five – Neil Diamond Night

I’m not a big Neil Diamond fan, but I was looking forward to this show because I thought the potential for each remaining performer to re-work the songs was greater than in the previous few weeks.

I missed last night’s show. From reviews I’ve read, though, I don’t think I missed much (other than Paula’s other-world 2nd song comment).

Not sure if they do a bottom three when there are only five left. But I’ll say the two Davids are safe this week, and any of the remaining three could leave. It all depends on how big the fan bases are now, and it’s my guess that Syesha has the smallest fan-base and is most at risk to go.

For the longest time, I thought “Forever in Blue Jeans” was actually “Reverend Blue Jeans” and was about some cool, hip minister who wore blue jeans.

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