Rob Interviews Himself About Sketch22

I noticed Rob hasn’t been posting here very much lately, and so I thought I’d touch base with him and see what the scoop is. Here’s that interview:

RM: So, you haven’t been posting much here lately. What’s the scoop?

Rob: You noticed, huh? Well, here’s the thing: For one, I was getting a bit tired with what I was posting, and for two, I was really busy with getting Season Five of Sketch22 up and running.

RM: Ah, yes, that little sketch comedy thing you and a few colleagues do each summer. How go the preparations for this year?

Rob: Actually, we opened this past week.

RM: Oh. Guess I’m not very prepared for this interview. So, how was opening?

Rob: Thursday was really great, despite a few technical glitches with the video. It kept freezing. But we muddled through that, and the audience was very supportive. The live material went over very well. Friday night, the video worked much better, and the live stuff was very well received again.

RM: The response has been pretty good, then?

Rob: So far, yes. Overwhelmingly positive, it seems. And the best thing about it is that practically everyone I speak to about the show has a different sketch that’s their favourite. I have heard probably 7 or 8 sketches or videos being called “my favourite” from different people. I think that speaks well for the overall appeal of the show.

RM: Can you give me some examples of sketches or characters I’ll see if I go to the show?

Rob: Sorry, don’t like to give anything away. Just come see the show and I can practically guarantee you’ll leave satisfied and happy.

RM: Anything in the show this year that might cause people to walk out in disgust or anger? Previous seasons had people walking out, right?

Rob: A couple of people have left our show early in the past, yes. But the vast majority of people who come to the show really seem to like it. I think the “disgust” thing is somewhat overblown. And while there will always be someone who is upset about something, no matter what you do, I don’t think there’s anything particular that will cause people to feel they need to leave the theatre. That’s not to say there aren’t some sketches that ask the audience to come along on a ride along some tenuous lines.

RM: Fantastic! So, what are the details about the show. The when and where type things.

Rob: Right. Sketch22 plays every Thursday and Friday night at The Guild in Charlottetown. Show starts at 8pm, doors to the theatre open at 7:30. We charge $20 for tickets, but The Guild feels the need to charge a 50 cents charge per ticket, so tickets are actually $20.50. You can buy them in advance at The Guild Box Office.

RM: Why not just have your tickets be $19.50 so that each ticket totals $20 even?

Rob: We talked about that. I’d rather not get into that. Suffice it to say, we’ve been less than happy with the way The Guild is being run and staying at $20 is a small boycott of some of their foolishness. Even though a $20.50 charge is a pain in the ass to the audience.

RM: Super! Thanks for the interview, and here’s to hoping we get to read more posts from you in the future.

Rob: You can count on it. You’re welcome.

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