Hole In The Wall – It’s Not Gay Porn

FOX has a new show this season, called "Hole In The Wall".  If you haven’t seen it, check it out immediately.  And by "immediately" I mean "never".

What a terrible, boring show.  Here’s the concept:  There are two teams of three.  All are dressed in silver jumpsuits (it’s not gay porn).  In turn, the two teams’ members stand on the playing area, and a giant foam wall moves towards them.  There’s a shape cut out of the foam wall, and as the wall passes by, the contestants have to emulate the shape so that the wall passes by free and clear.  If they fail, the wall pushes them in the water.

That’s the show.

I’ve seen clips of the Japanese version on YouTube and they are mildly amusing in a "highlights of clips" format.  But watching the sections between the "action" is interminably dull.  The host stands, inexplicably, high above the action, and does little but yell.  There’s also an on-the-floor co-host, a woman who yells everything in an irritating high-pitched tremble.

The contestants are equally annoying and ugly.

Action from this sucky show.

If you want to see a much more entertaining American rip-off of a Japanese game show, watch Wipeout (ABC, I think).  It’s a pretty entertaining show.


  1. Derek says:

    I suggest ‘Hole In The Floor’, where contestants jump off a high diving board and have to fit through a weird-shaped hole in the cement floor to reach the safety of the pool below. I particularly look forward to the Blind round.


  2. Vida says:

    People should read this.


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