Sketch Needs A Girl For A Day


Here’s a notice that went out to the people signed up to receive the Sketch22 Newletter or any info about Sketch22:
Sketch-22 is seeking a female in her twenties or early thirties to play a major role in a short video they are shooting on the weekend of June 21 & 22. Previous acting experience is not necessary. Sketch-22’s irreverent humour takes aim at the car chase movies of the seventies, so the candidate should be comfortable with tearing around the Island in a classic muscle car. Interested? Send your contact info, including a picture of yourself to The video will be screened during Sketch-22’s summer production, opening July 3rd at The Guild and playing Thursdays and Fridays at 8 p.m. until September 5.


If you received this URL in an email and you’re not a subscriber it’s FREE  to join to receive enlightment in your mailbox via comedy.

Here’s the car we’ll be using:

So, we need a female to play a part in a video that kind of spoofs 70’s car chase movies.  Someone, ideally, who wouldn’t mind tarting up, in a 70’s kind of way, and get a bit sexified.  Short shorts, maybe and halter top kind of thing… ??  You’d be acting with me, mostly.  I’ll be playing Rita MacNeil playing an Anne of Green Gables type character.

It’d probably be a one-day shoot, at various locations in Queens county.  We’ll provide transportation.

If you’re interested, or know someone who might be interested, email

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