Now, Where Did I Put That Dance Belt?

According to yesterday’s CBC News article about the upcoming summer season of the Charlottetown Festival:

Sketch-22 heads for the Big Dance

Local comedy troupe Sketch-22 has been picked up by the festival. The group will perform at the Mack Theatre.

“This is awesome we’re so excited, we put so much work into this
show for five years, I think this is sort of a sign to us our hard work
is paying off,” said founding member Andrew Sprague.

“This validates Sketch-22, and because of this we promise to make much less fun of the Confederation Centre of the Arts.”

Sketch-22 is well known for its sometimes crude spoofs of Island life.

The Big Dance?  Anyway, I was just impressed in the size of the font we received compared to any of the other performances mentioned.

And, while we (Sketch22) have been assaulted in the past by critical reviews from Guardian and CBC commenters, I have a feeling we’ve just entered into a whole new realm and level of attack.  To wit:

In the comments to the above-linked article, WILMOTDAVE had this to say about the news:

Sketch 22?
Wow how new and innovative to justify poor comedy at the expense of the rest of us.
One day Obama which was for change and now going backward to a cesspool of asinine and weak comedy.

With that Obama mention, is he insinuating that our comedy is akin to the Presidency of George Bush?  If so: Ouch!

Still, I am inclined to have “cesspool of asinine and weak comedy” added to any future PR for our group.

Let the backlash continue!!

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