A Question That’s Never Been Asked

Yeah, the universe is infinite and all that, and multiple realities where everyone one can think, say or do has already been thought, said or done, an infinite number of times.

Still, can you come up with a question that’s likely never been asked before, using words that actually exist, and that more or less makes sense, gramatically?

I’ve been sitting here thinking, and I’m drawing a blank.

How about:

Where were you in the year 2078, at 17 seconds past the time that the lynx ate the Hoover Dam employee?

Prove me wrong.  Or come up with your own.


  1. vettel says:

    There was this one time I typed this same comment, except instead of my normal head I looked like Benny Hill.
    And while we are on topic of infinite universes, there is one where all the chase scenes in Benny Hill were shown in real time, and the rest of the show was sped up.


  2. graham says:

    Graham Putnam, you’re the sanest man I know in a bucket


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