Ein Zwein Die

In the PS3 Call of Duty game that my son is all into right now, there’s a level you unlock after reaching certain goals: it allows you the chance to fight German soldiers who happen to be zombies.  I gotta admit, it’s pretty fun to shoot Nazi zombies.  Cameron very much enjoys it.

So, when I showed him the trailer for Dead Snow, a Norwegian film where Nazi zombies attack a group of students on a snow trip, he was pretty excited.
Looks like it could be all kinds of fun.

Here’s a photo of Colonel Herzog, the leader of the Nazi zombies.


  1. graham says:

    Score one for Norway! I saw the trailer in norwegian, I wonder if there’s an English one yet


  2. graham says:

    And then I see your link is subtitled….


  3. Rob MacD says:

    Hey Graham, when were you in Norwegia?


  4. dave s says:

    rob –
    you and cameron should check out ‘shock waves’:

    not just nazi zombies, but UNDERWATER nazi zombies!!! yay! i’ve got the dvd any time you need it.


  5. graham says:

    I was there in the 80s


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