Boo! When You Poo

It used to be that when I’d go to the public men’s room on the floor where I work in the ATC, it was practically guaranteed that there’d be someone else, usually more than one, in there already.  If not, then rest assured at least one person would come in before I’d leave.
What I’m saying is:  it used to be a busy bathroom.  Too busy for the two toilets, one urinal and two sinks found therein.
But not so much anymore.  I guess it’s a sign of the economic down-turn, or a dis-satisfaction with renting at the ATC, but fewer clients in the building means fewer people in the bathroom.

So much so that now sometimes when I go into the bathroom, the lights are off.  I assume they’re on a timer, and when it was busy, the timer never got to activate.

Sometimes when I go into that dark bathroom, I’ve thought that it would be a neat prank to go into the bathroom, go into one of the stalls, stay there, motionless, until the lights went out.  Then, when someone came in, activating the lights to go on, he’d think he was alone.  Then, you know, you’d start making noises or something to surprise or scare him.

Yeah, I agree:  “neat prank” is far too generous a classification.  Unless your definition of “neat” is akin to “lame”.

The real joke would be for you to go to the trouble of going in, sitting there as still as you need to be, lights go out, and then nobody comes in for the rest of the day.  Now, that’s comedy!

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  1. This is nothing compared to the toilets in the Air Canada lounges which work on a motion-activated flusher.
    This means that if you’re using one, and you, say, adjust your stance for additional comfort or strain, it’s very easy to unintentionally start the flushing.
    Said flushing is very noisy, very scary if you don’t expect it, and likely to ensoaken you.


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