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A couple of years ago, Dave S and I came upon the brilliant idea of publishing a book we’d call “Kitticisms”.  It would contain photos of kittens in various situations, with intentionally not-funny thought-balloons showing what they’re thinking.  You know:  Kitticisms!
A fantastic idea, we thought, easy to do and sure to make us millionaires.  This was maybe six months before “I can has a cheeseburger?” and LOLCats exploded onto the world.
Like all our ideas, though, we did nothing with it, and then it was too late, because we couldn’t/didn’t want to compete with LOLcats.

And now, this video has trumped all of us all, because it is the best kitten themed thing ever.

kittens inspired by kittens

as an added bonus, i will post a photo that some web-program named Zemanta has deemed relevant to the words I’ve typed in this post.  That’s it up there, the picture of the cheeseburger.  That’s a good looking cheeseburger.

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