Peter Peter Breaks Hearts

Hey everyone (maybe the “every” is superfluous since there’s, like, probably only one person who still reads this), how’s about doing Sketch22 a solid and going to SuperU and voting for Peter Peter as your favourite video in the “Broken Hearted” contest.

This sentence is the link to where you can see, and vote for, our video.

and this sentence is the link to the contest page in general.

I think number of views and/or ratings has a bearing on a video’s chances of winning.  Prize is $2500, so that’s sweet.

Much appreciated.  I haven’t looked at any of the competition yet, but Peter Peter is the best.  Yes it is.  Look deep into my eyes and listen to my font.  Peter Peter is the best.  Go and vote for it now.

If you have to register or some nonsense, in order to vote, then I understand you not doing that.  But if voting is as easy as clicking on a button, then, you know:  Sketch22 solid.

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