"Don’t Close My School" Long-dead Student Pleads

Tuesday night, parents with children at urban schools threatened with closure had their turn to speak as PEI’s Eastern School District continued consultations on a plan to close 11 schools.
Next week, it will be the deceased parents of long-dead students who will get a chance to speak their minds regarding the debate over closing smaller schools across the island.
“I’m going to go right up to the magic voice-amplification stick,” says Sarah McGuigan, dead, who went to the Heatherdale school from 1888-1892, “and I’m going to tell them how important it is to keep Heatherdale school open. What do you expect us to do, go to the big two-room school-house in Kinross?”
When told that Heatherdale school has been closed for decades, McGuigan replied, “I’m sorry, I don’t hear so good.  My ears are dead too.  Could you repeat that?”

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