Today’s Plinky Prompt: Your 5 Item Bucket List

Every day, Plinky emails me a topic for discussion, in order to increase blog entries. Today the question is "what 5 things do you want to do before you die. Fill out your bucket list".
So that's what I'm doing today.

Get a Passport and use it
We need to start traveling. Of course, debt is, and has been, keeping that from happening. But someday the debt will be gone, and then the traveling will start.

Do that One-Man Show
Oh yeah, then the real bucks will be flowing in. No more of this sharing the box office 6 ways crap. When I do put on my one-man show, someone will have to talk me out of performing the "Tinkering With My Hog" sketch. Because I'll fight like hell to have it in my show.

Buy a new guitar
I'd like a new guitar. One that would compel me to write more songs and actually perform them somewhere, in public. Yeah, so either "buy a new guitar", or I'd accept "be given a new guitar by some benevolent arts benefactor".

Write a kid's book
I'd like to write some fun, cool book that kids and adults would like, but mostly kids. And adults. I think I have some sort of series of kid's stories in me.

Touch a dolphin, and an elephant
This is pretty self-explanatory, right?

1 Comment

  1. My 5 things:
    Ok, call me copycat: Buy a new guitar. Maybe that Metropolitan copy of the National Map Shape electric that I lusted after as a teenager.
    Live in Tuscany for a year. I can dream, can’t I?
    Be debt free. Just once. Even just for a week.
    Live in Santa Barbara for a year. Hmm, is there a theme developing?
    Eat Thai food in Thailand. Or Sushi in Japan.


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