Rob’s American Idol Top 7 Part 2 Review

I missed last week’s AI, and didn’t review it.

You know what I’m really hating about AI this year?  The childish behaviour of the judges.  Especially Simon and Paula.  I don’t really care that they play-fight, but it irks me to no end when that play-fighting gets in the way of the other judges comments, and thus causing the show to run long.


The performers:

Lil sang I’m Every Woman.  Oh man, baby’s got back-talk.  Yes, she has a huge bum and it was splendidly showcased in tight black spandex or whatever.  Her singing was awful.  The background singers’ vocals drove the song, while Lil hooped and grunted and tried to get soulful.  She failed.  Worst performance of the night.  I hated how she interrupted the judges comments and demanded that her performance wasn’t karaoke.  The issue, Lil, isn’t that it was or wasn’t karaoke.  The issue is you have no idea who you are.  You need to shut up and heed other advice.  Except, I expect you to be gone this week.

Kris sang “She Works Hard For the Money”.  I liked his acoustic, it’s-not-disco arrangement.  I thought his vocals were strong.  I just can’t see Kris as anything other than a light-weight musical entertainer.  Second best performance of the night.

Danny sang “September”.  I found this performance boring and screechy.  He seemed like he was going through the motions.  Didn’t care for this.

Allison sang “Hot Stuff”.  I am liking Allison less and less each week, and I was never much of a fan to begin with.  Another strong vocal, but everything around it – the arrangement, the too-old face, the purple hair, the attitude all brought me down.

Adam sang “If I Can’t Have You”.  Okay, he’s won me over.  I’ve been waiting for him to show his petulant, arrogant side but he’s either just a nice guy, or he’s expert at manipulating his persona.  I quite liked the slowed down version of this song.  And he didn’t ruin it with screechy high-pitched power notes.  Best of the night.  Again.

Matt sang “Staying Alive”.  I mostly liked this, although it did reek a bit of desperation.  And those awful high falsetto notes didn’t win him any fans.  Don’t know if he did enough to stay around.

Anoop sang “Dim All the Lights”.  I wasn’t familiar with this song, or at least this arrangement of the song, and didn’t really care for it.  I thought Anoop sang it well, though, except for that wrong last note which he thankfully cut short.

I’m thinking Lil goes home for sure.  And it’s a toss up between Matt and Anoop.  My suspicion is that Matt will stick around because of last week’s close call, and Anoop will end up this week’s loser of the Saving Matt tactic from last week.

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  1. Nomad says:

    eliminating Anoop was like tearing off a band-aid, hurts for a second, but we had to get it over with eventually


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