Sit Ubu Sit. On My Face

I don’t really know how this post’s title refers to the topic.  You don’t have to be a lesbian to either a) ask to have your face sat upon, or b) to sit upon a face.  It was either “Sit Ubu Sit. On My Face” or “Sha La La Lesbian”.

Either way, Elyse Keaton is a lesbian

I’m sure Steven must have known.  Alex P isn’t gay, and neither is Mallory, I’m guessing (but she undoubtedly experimented during her college years.  Yes, Mallory went to college!)  But what about Jennifer?  I’d bet good money that Tina Yothers takes after her TV mom.  No clue about baby Andy, Brian Bonsall.  Although I’d bet money he’s had drug addiction issues.
I wonder if she had some sort of pre-teen incestual episode with Uncle Ned that influenced her distaste for men?

Good for her for finally coming out.  Better still, she did it without it being part of a book tour.

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