Might As Well Make It "Wok And Sea"

So, for work, I was browsing the web looking for some info on this weekend’s Jack Frost Children’s Winterfest.  I found the info I needed at a site called Walk And Sea Charlottetown.  Looks like it might be a new site for Tourism Charlottetown.  I didn’t spend a lot of time on the site, but my initial impression was that it was rather nicely laid out.
My problem with the site is the name:  Walk and Sea Charlottetown.  Specifically, the use of the word “Sea”.  I understand that it’s a play on the word “see” and reflects, I guess, the beautiful harbour element to our city.  I get that.  But isn’t it going to be confusing when speaking the name to whomever?  Aren’t you going to have to explain that “See” is actually spelled “S-E-A”?
It’s like those parents who want their children to have unique and interesting names, like Lyndsy or Chyna or St33ve, and toss in some alternative-spelling letters.  Then the poor kid has to go through their life always correcting the spelling of their name.  “Actually, that’s k-a-r-Y-n, not E-n.”

Okay, I just typed in http://www.walkandseecharlottetown.com and it brought me to the same site.  So, never mind.


  1. cool…technology may have now been developed with how human goes with stuff… 😉


  2. well, that has actually been always the case


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