BunkerDown is Up!! Sketch22 Web Series website is Live!!! No joke!!

Sketch22 is getting ready to unleash our 10 part web series, BunkerDown, to the world.  Our website is now alive and breathing.  We’ll be posting new episodes once a week, but won’t be starting until May.
You’ll be able to see a teaser video on April 15th, just to give you a taste of what you can unexpect.
Keep up to date with all the latest, well, updates, along with photos, comments, discussions, reviews, etc, through our brand new Facebook Fan Page!  Join today and make sure you don’t miss a moment.

BunkerDown – coming soon


  1. josh says:

    Rob, your headline is really misleading. I read the headline of your post, and immediately followed the link to the website expecting to start watching BunkerDown. Instead I find out that I have to wait two more weeks to see a teaser video. Your post is teasing the release of a teaser video! That's some sleazy teasin'.I will never again believe that a headline expresses all the pertinent information contained in the full article!Thanks alot.PS. I like your hair-do in the photo. Kind of a “Wes the Cat” feel to it.


  2. Earle Bruce MacDonald says:

    I I I agreeHow could thee.Do such a thingTo all your fans whoLove you guys so FUCKING MUCHThis new born humerit blows my troubles away..My thoughts fade awaytill another dayThen i hang my head in shamewhen i forget your nameAdvertise AdvertiseLet the common peoplewho don't yet have cableget to know and loveyour skits………..


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