Rob’s Ten Commandments

I saw something out of the corner of my eye-nternet, about *the* Ten Commandments.  Some politician was complaining about others not following them, and then it was revealed that he couldn’t name all ten of them.

That made we wonder whether the ten commandments were still relevant, and, assuming they probably weren’t, I wondered what *my* ten commandments would be, if I had to come up with them

So, that’s what this is about.  I’m making my own Ten Commandments.  Because 


1. Don’t kill anyone. Unless they’re attemting to harm you or your family in some serious way, and there seems to be no other option.  (by “serious”, I don’t mean “he stole my hubcaps” or other matters of material inconsequence. )

2. If you made a vow of some sort to someone, don’t break it, unless it is better for all parties to break it. 

3. Morality starts and ends with you.  YOU know if what you’re doing, or are about to do, is wrong. 

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