From Purgatory to Heaven – the way it *should* work

Sunday morning I had a revelation. I figured out how Purgatory should work. This is, I suppose, only valid for Catholics, since they're the Purgatory believers – but it should be implemented right across the board, imo.

It involves paperwork.

So, okay, you die.  Your soul goes to Purgatory – a solitary room, white with no adornations of any kind. White table, white straight-back chair. Comfortable enough, but very antiseptic and uninspiring.  You are all by yourself. 

On the table is a stack of white papers and a pencil and an eraser.  And a pencil sharpener.  You are instructed to list everything and everyone and anything and anyone that you would like to see and experience for the rest of eternity while in Heaven.  People from your past that you'd like to see; Memories you'd like to keep; Things you'd like to do and/or try that you never got to when you were alive; etc. 

It is suggested that you be as specific as possible with each item.  And it is suggested that you be absolutely thorough, because once your list is compiled, it cannot be altered.

Basically, once your list is completed to your satisfaction, you sign off on it, hand it over, and then you are transported to Heaven, where the things on your list are available to you, whenever you want them, as often as you want them.

Some people will spend a long, long time (maybe forever)  working on their lists, obsessing and making sure they don't miss out on anything.  Others may think they will be content with just a few basics, more eager to move on to their reward.

This is, I think, an interesting approach, and puts the onus on each individual.

Does anyone see any flaws or improvements that should be addressed before I present this to the Powers That Be?


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