These Are The Movies I Saw 2013, The Year Of Their Release

These are movies I liked and would recommend to others:

This is The End

John Dies At The End

Place Beyond the Pines

Machete Kills

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Kon Tiki

The Iceman

A Hijacking

The Heat





These are movies that I liked but wouldn’t necessarily recommend to others:


Identity Thief

The Call

Burt Wonderstone

Olympus Has Fallen


Man of Steel

World War Z

White House Down

The Lone Ranger

Pacific Rim

The Wolverine

American Hustle

The World’s End


Captain Phillips




These are movies that I watched but didn’t impact me very much:

I’m So Excited

Saving Mr. Banks


This is a movie I hated, so much:

Iron Man 3


These are movies I started to watch, but because they were so awful and/or boring, I stopped watching them:

The Purge

Movie 43

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