Rob Reviews: “Still the Water” (movie)

I recently watched, online as part of FinFestival, “Still the Water”. Written and directed by Susan Rodgers, it’s her debut feature, and here’s my review. Having been aware, primarily through social media posts made by Susan, of many of the challenges, problems, and difficulties she had in the process of persevering this film into existence,Continue reading “Rob Reviews: “Still the Water” (movie)”

I’ll Give You Five Dollars To Stop Playing

All morning long, I’d been looking forward to going outside for lunch on this beautiful end-of-summer day, getting a slice of pizza (from Jack’s), taking it to the Confederation Centre concrete lawn, sitting down and eating it.  I was looking forward to listening to my iPod, sitting and eating a slice of pizza, and watchingContinue reading “I’ll Give You Five Dollars To Stop Playing”

Sketch22 Wants YOU!!!! (to be an extra)

Hey, everyone.Next Saturday morning, June 17th, at 9:30, Sketch22 is shooting a segment of video for this summer’s show.  We are hoping to get as many people as possible to come and be part of the shot.  Young or old, big or small, cool or nerdy, abled or disabled, male or female, catholic or (yourContinue reading “Sketch22 Wants YOU!!!! (to be an extra)”

The One In Which Rob Gets A New Job

The ink is still wet on the contract that I signed.  The one that says I am now employed (well, I start in 10 days).It’s been a long time coming.  Back in May of last year, when I was employed by MBS Radio, the CHTN portion of Magic 93/CFCY/CHTN was forced by the CRTC toContinue reading “The One In Which Rob Gets A New Job”