Thoughts – 1 cent each or 5 for a nickel

The Setting:  The drive-thru at Robin’s Donuts on the Trans Canada Highway in Charlottetown

The Dialogue
Female Server (pleasantly, thru speaker):  Welcome to Robin’s.  Can I take your order.
Rob:  Yeah, I’ll have an extra large double double.
Female Server (thru speaker): Extra large double double.  Is that everything?
Rob:  Yeah.
Female Server (thru speaker):  Dollar Seventy-One.  Drive through please.
Rob:  Thank you.
{Rob drives up to window)
Female Server:  That’s a dollar seventy-one.
{Rob gives Female Server a Toonie.  Server gives Rob 30 cents change – a quarter and a nickel)
Female Server:  That’s enough for a phone call!  (pause)  And five thoughts!
Rob:  You’re right!
{Female Server gives Rob his coffee, says "Have a nice day" adn Rob drives off, smiling}

It takes such little effort for people to amuse others, yet it so rarely occurs.
Thanks Female Server for making my morning a little more pleasant.

One thing, though.  Why is an extra large double double at the Robins in Winsloe $1.69, while at the TCH and Stratford locations it’s $1.71??


  1. In Winsloe they only give you three thoughts back with your change, instead of five. It’s not that they’re stupider, they just use less thoughts in that area.


  2. Hmm. Well, it could have something to do with the way the actual computer system adds the tax to the amount of the base price. I would imagine that this is the issue in accounting for the two cent difference. It could also have to do with the rounding that may occur in the computer as the tax is added. For example: if there are two taxes on coffee, then after the first is added, it may round up a penny instead of down which when the next tax is added, adds one more penny to the price.
    This is just a guess based on 8 years of customer service using cash registers.


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