Horses or Whores?

This is a public message for anyone who may have recently, um, "come in contact" with a cute N.S. filly named "Hundred Bucks To Win":  She’s got Herpes!!  If you’re looking for some equine action in the Truro area, just say ‘neigh’ until the situation stable-izes.
Horse-screwers, please, for the good of all, get yourselves checked out.

It’s getting almost so that a deviant can’t be a deviant anymore.  It’s like that old World War II quotation about indifference:  When they came to take away the {fill in the blank}…I did nothing.

When the priest gave my best friend a quarter to touch his holy place, I did nothing.
When his girlfriend started fooling around with another chick, I did nothing.
When HIV made it dangerous to screw gays, I did nothing.
When the whores started charging more for blowjobs, I did nothing.
Now that horses have herpes, etc…


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