10 Right-On, Random Songs

Time for a semi-irregular random sampling of the musical tastes of your host.
Here, then, are the next ten (good or bad, cool or embarassing) songs (and a comment on each) that go through my iTunes, set to shuffle:

1. Girl Wants (to say goodbye to) Rock and Roll Music – Go Home Productions:  One of about 100 mashups I have in my collection.  This combines the music of the Velvet Underground’s "Rock and Roll Music" with the vocals from Christina Aguilera’s "What A Girl Wants".  I have mixed feelings (no pun) on mashups, some work, some don’t, some are just meh.  This one takes a great song and an okay song and makes the okay song a different great song.  Seriously, it’s like Lou Reed’s guitar riffs were made for this song, three decades earlier.  I rate it 4 stars out of 5.
2. Fruits of My Labors – Lucinda Williams:  Homer Simpson talks of dogs with bees in their mouths.  Lucinda has some sweet aged honey in her throat on this song.  Slow and soft and sad and sexy.  As soon as you hear this song, you go "yeah, this was born to be a classic." Another rating of 4 out of 5.
3. Take These Chains From My Heart – Hank Williams: I love how Hank sings "care" like "kee-air"  You no longer kee-air for me.  This gets 5 stars.  Try and talk me out of it.  You kee-an’t.  Hank Williams has the voice of a grand-father, the soul of a prisoner.  Beautiful song.
4.  (What’s So Funny) ‘Bout Peace, Love and Understanding – Yo La Tengo:  I’m more familiar with the Elvis Costello version of the Nick Lowe song.  This Yo La Tengo version is a bit rough.  This is from a live recording.  Good energy in the music, but the lyrics just fall a bit flat, especially early, but come around by the end.  I waffled between 2 or 3 stars.  I went with 3.  Giving it 2 would have hurt its feelings.
5. Flower Duet (from the opera Lakme):  If you haven’t heard this beautiful song, you should really seek it out.  My wife (who has a voice like an angel) sang it with her friend one time at their church, and I was emotional and teary listening to them.  This version is not my wife’s version.  I give this 5 stars, though.
6. Charm – Wild Colonials:  One of the ways I find new music is by visiting various music blogs, sites that post wide assortments of songs to download and discover.  This is one of those songs.  I am hearing this for the first time right now.   A pretty good song with a good female lead vocal.  I’ll give it 4 stars and wait to pass final judgement on it whenever the next time I hear it will be.
7. Ask Me Why – The Beatles:  I have all The Beatles music in my rotation.  This is one of those songs from them that is kind of forgettable.  Pleasant when you hear it, but would be below middle of the pack if I was picking my favourite Beatles songs to take on a desert Island.  3 stars.
8. Terrible Angels – CocoRosie:  This song starts off with pig squeals and only gets better.  Two sisters singing together, one kinda operatic, the other kinda coquettish sex-kitten 4-in-the-morning raspy.  Uh huh.  4 stars.
9. Mental – Eels:  The lead singer of Eels has a voice you either will like or you won’t. I like.  Another 4 star song.  Easily 4 stars.
10. Welcome to Paradise – La GDT:  Imagine The Beach Boys but slowed down a bit, and a bit drunk.  I don’t know anything about this group, and I’m hearing this song for the first time.  Some of the harmonies sound a bit off, but it all works in a late-night should-we-go-home-or-stay-for-anoth – – hey some guys are singing!  shh, listen, cool, hey get me a beer wouldcha kind of way.


  1. *Old Fart Alert* (Anal Retentive Version) Could it be that the song is “Tell Me Why” by the Beatles? I only say that because I have many memories of being the only dateless guy at parties as a teenager, so I was the one who spun the discs, and this was the music I spun.


  2. Nope, Nils. It’s “Ask Me Why”, from the Please Please Me album. “Tell Me Why” is from A Hard Day’s Night. I’d give Tell Me Why 4 stars.


  3. Sidney, the Flower Duet from Lakme receives five stars. Currently I only have 102 songs rated with five stars. I’ve only recently begun to rate my songs so it’ll take a while for me to work through the list.


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