Everyone Into The Oscar Pool

{Submissions to the contest are now closed.  To those who entered:  Good Luck!!!}
This is your final reminder.  If you want to enter The Annekenstein Monster Oscar Pool, click on this link:  The Annekenstein Monster Oscar Pool.  Fill in your picks and name and click on the submit button.
I will be accepting submissions until this Thursday.
If you’ve already sent in your submission, then ignore this.
For the record, from the 19 submissions, the Best Picture picks so far look like this:
The Aviator:  8
Ray: 5
Million Dollar Baby: 4
Sideways: 2
Finding Neverland: 0

Winner will likely (I’m not making any promises) win something, like a mixed cd or something.  Whatever.


  1. GODDAMMIT!! When will we get the results from this damn oscar thing!? I can’t fucking take it anymore. When?? Oh we will never know… never… why?


  2. Hey, there’s a petition for adidas to make zissou shoes, as seen in the flick.
    I encourage all who know what I’m talking about to sign up. If you do a search, evidently, there are many petitions for these shoes. If only they could all band together.


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