Lorty Lorty Look Who’s Forty Times Two


On this date in 1925, my father was born.  Today he is 80.  I wonder if his parents had any idea of what a wonderful, solid man he would become.  Whatever dreams and hopes they had for him, I expect he’s outshone them all.
In 1947, when this picture was taken, my dad was just embarking on adult life.  He’d be married a year later and a father not too long after that. 
I didn’t meet him until 1965, when he was 40 (the age I am now), and only in the last 15 years have I come to "know" him and appreciate what a great influence he’s been on me.  My experiences with my father have been almost exclusively happy and pleasant.  He’s taught me innumberable things in innumberable ways, comforted me always and has always been a shining example of what a good father should be.
Growing up I was always amazed that my father knew how to fix pretty much anything that needed fixing in our home (except eggs over easy) and I am amazed that he still is able to keep his home in excellent working order. 
Whatever goodness and humanity I have, I learned it by seeing it continually practiced by my parents.  They both are my example of what kindness and goodness should be.
I wonder if my father considers his life thus far to a successful one.  All I know is that if I make it to 80 years of age and there is even one person in that future world who has the amount of respect and admiration for me that I presently have for my father, then I’ll consider my life to be a great success.  The greatest thing he’s taught me is to be the example of that which you’d like others to be.
It likely sounds foolish and a bit grandiose to say, but my dad is my hero.   I want to be just like him.

Happy Birthday, Dad.


  1. dave s says:

    excellent sentiment, rob. happy birtthday to your dad!


  2. graham says:

    Happy birthday Rob’s dad.


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