What Are You?

I’m a monstrous fruitcake who likes to discover buffalo.

What are you?


  1. I’m a biased hunk who likes to whap clits.

    I don’t know what to think about that. Maybe I’ll put it on my business card.


  2. A felcher is someone who, um, sucks the, ah, male reproductive secretions from the, ahem, posterior orifice of another. I, uh, believe the, er, secretions are not one’s own. ie., the felcher would be the third party.


  3. Speaking of tit-gabbing…

    Even though I don’t have any tits to speak of and my dentist is a woman who has yet to put me under to fondle me, why do I still feel like I’ve been raped after I visit her. I encourage everyone to update their dictionaries to correct spelling of dentist.


    Is it bad blog etiquette make up loose topical connections to unload a personal rant?


  4. Probably. But bad etiquette pales in comparison to bad judgement.

    I judge the fairness of a bill by saying “How much would I pay not to have to do this myself?” I’ve often been dismayed by a dental bill. But never enough to go get pliers out of the toolbox.

    But what do I know? We’ve already established what I am.


  5. I think a blog is a perfect medium to vent whatever random thoughts out. Even if it means veering off the original topic. I think dentist are represented very well by Steve Martin in the movie ‘little shop of horrors’.
    He’s gone down hill since that flick, with the possible exception of ‘parenthood’.


  6. Yanik, I give you my personal approval to use the comments section of this blog any time at all to rail against the dental mafia.
    And Nils, for me as it pertains to dentists is not “how much would I pay not to have to do this myself”. For me, it’s the idea of being held hostage by their supposed knowledge of what needs to be done in my mouth. Especially so-called preventative dentistry. I am more and more convinced that the only thing many of these procedures prevent is me leaving their office with my money.


  7. Hehehe good point. Having bought my fair share of dentists’ swimming pools over the years, I’ll concede that it sometimes feels like the drill goes straight down to my wallet.

    But I’ve also fetched up with excruciating pain from a tooth infection, and I swear to God I would have paid YOU five hundred bucks to get it OUT of there.

    Except YOU haven’t got the good drugs for later, and they do.


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