I Demand A Recount!!

This, from a press release for The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe,  listed in the latest TheatrePEI email newsletter:

Laurie Murphy, PEI’s comedian,
writer, actor, director, producer, and musician (did I forget anything? I’m sure I
did!) will no doubt be superb in this role.

My question is:  When did this election take place?  Is PEI only allowed just the one comedian, writer, actor, etc?



  1. Nils says:

    Well, Laurie is all those things, and she will be great in the role. And you’re all those things, Rob, and so are you, Cyn …

    I’m willing to giggle and mentally take away the “apostrophe s” following “PEI”, and chalk this one up to a lil unintentional, clumsy and embarrassing punctuation, all in service of getting folks to go see a worthwhile production.

    Which we all agree is a good thing, right …?


  2. Rob says:

    Well, Nils, of course it’s an unintentioanal apostrophe s. It’s just that it’s such a perfectly misplaced unintentional apostrophe s that it couldn’t go without comment.


  3. Jason White says:

    You and Matt will always be my comedians Rob, if only we could have a little more 4play.


  4. Cyn says:

    Praise jesus! More foreplay…


  5. graham says:

    As good as 4play was, I’m willing to let improv rest peacefully in my heart… with Punky Brewster.


  6. Rob says:

    It’s time for me to leave the improv to the kids.


  7. Yanik says:

    I had that dream about Soleil again last night. It seems so wrong now that I’m older.

    …Oh shit…I thought this was my diary.


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