I Demand A Recount!!

This, from a press release for The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe,  listed in the latest TheatrePEI email newsletter:

Laurie Murphy, PEI’s comedian,
writer, actor, director, producer, and musician (did I forget anything? I’m sure I
did!) will no doubt be superb in this role.

My question is:  When did this election take place?  Is PEI only allowed just the one comedian, writer, actor, etc?



  1. Well, Laurie is all those things, and she will be great in the role. And you’re all those things, Rob, and so are you, Cyn …

    I’m willing to giggle and mentally take away the “apostrophe s” following “PEI”, and chalk this one up to a lil unintentional, clumsy and embarrassing punctuation, all in service of getting folks to go see a worthwhile production.

    Which we all agree is a good thing, right …?


  2. Well, Nils, of course it’s an unintentioanal apostrophe s. It’s just that it’s such a perfectly misplaced unintentional apostrophe s that it couldn’t go without comment.


  3. I had that dream about Soleil again last night. It seems so wrong now that I’m older.

    …Oh shit…I thought this was my diary.


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