Ninja’s Surprise

Last Saturday, MacDonald Family Pictures produced another epic in film-making: Ninja’s Surprise.
A 2 1/2 minute cinematic wonder starring Cameron and Keaton (the same team that starred in last week’s film The Battle).  They are quickly becoming their generation’s Crosby and Hope.  Or maybe Spade and Farley.
This time, we went on location to Robinson’s Island, out around Brackley Beach.   Production costs must have creeped towards an astronomical 5 dollars for this movie filled with sword-play action, death and almost death and costumes.  Keaton plays The Traveller, a man in love with nature who is unfortunate enough to fall prey to the unexplained evilness of The Ninja. The Ninja attacks The Traveller, and in a move that Clint Eastwood would envy, The Traveller quickly subdues the over-zealous ninja.  Thinking him dead, The Traveller continues his travelling.
But wait!  The Ninja revives!  And chases The Traveller in a chase-scene that all future chase-scenes will be compared against.  As quick as the chase begins, it stops and a fantastic sword battle ensues. Having had enough of this fighting nonsense, The Traveller kills The Ninja.  This time, his dead eyes prove he has ceased, breath forever left.  A Ninja’s surprise, to be sure!
The Traveller walks away, none the worse for wear.

The movie file is a bit too big for me to post here with my meagre bandwidth limits.  Maybe I’ll put it up closer to the end of the month.

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  1. J-Ro says:

    My name is Jason, and I’m a MacDonald Family Pictures-aholic. It’s been a week since my last MacDonald Family Picture. If I don’t have another drink of these avant-garde video minorpieces, I swear I’ll do something horrible that you producer whores will feel overwhelming guilt for. Like see “Ice Princess.” Again. Post that Ninja minorpiece!

    In yo face, Hollywood!


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