Friday Evening With A Beer And Music

Time for another listing of the music I hear.  Hear then (clever, no?) are the next ten songs that shuffle through my iTunes:

Let It Be – The Replacements:  I was never a big fan of The Replacements, and this song makes me wonder why.  I guess I only had so much room in my heart for alternative, cool bands that made music in the early ’80’s.
Love Rears Its Ugly Head – Living Colour: Even though they were from New York, they still knew the right way to spell colour.  How rare was a black band playing good medium to hard rock in the 80’s?  Can you name another?  Vernon Reid played a mean guitar, Corey Glover sang a mean song.  This funky song is from their very good album Time’s Up.
Rattled – The Travelling Wilburys:  Okay, so it’s a pretty innocuous song, but I just can’t seem to delete it from my collection.  I loved the idea of the Wilburys and some of their songs were pretty good, in a fun way.  This is pretty standard rock.
Death of an Interior Decorator – Death Cab for Cutie:  I’m not digging this song very much.  Don’t know much about Death Cab for Cutie, although I do know I do like a couple of the other songs from the album Transatlanticism.  Not so much this one, though.  It just kind of moves along
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles:  Well, a good half song, kind of a novelty.  Paul’s vocals sound good, but it segues into With A Little Help From My Friends, which doesn’t do much for me.
Just As I Am – Willie Nelson: a little piano/guitar instrumental ditty that just kind of builds up to an inevitable conclusion.  It was just there, then it was done.
So Young – Ron Sexsmith:  I can always count on Ron Sexsmith to elevate the quality of any playlist.  This, from Other Songs, is typical Ron Sexsmith: subdued instrumentation, subdued but heartfelt singing.  Why isn’t this guy famous?
Alabama Waltz – Hank Williams: a crackly old Hank Williams song, just him and his guitar.  The song sounds like it was recorded a thousand years ago, Hank Willams sounds like he’s had a thousand years of trouble behind his voice.
Brian Song – Monty Python:  The theme to Python’s The Life of Brian, very Bond Theme-ish.  Not too remarkable.
Turkish March (Mozart):  This ten song random list ends with a lovely piece of classical piano.

Well, that’s ten songs, and a not very impressive selection, I must say.  Oh well, dem’s the risks ya take when ya live on da edge, like I do.
Okay, one last song:  This will vindicate the list, surely:
Reeperbahn – Tom Waits:  Seriously, does he gargle with razor blades?  A great song from the best worst singer out there.


  1. Jenn says:

    Ever try a Tom Waits with a Tin Hat Trio?


  2. Vicki says:

    All over Tom Waits. And he uses quality back up.


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