Wha’ ‘Appened?

With my basic Typepad subscription, I get 1gig of allotted bandwidth per month.  Usually, my usage per month hovers in the 50-75% range, so no problem.
Thursday I was at about 16% with a projected usage of 82%.  Friday I check, and all of a sudden my actual current usage is 2.2 gigs (200+%) and with still 3 weeks left, a projected usage of 7gigs for the month.  What happened?  I did post a 17MB file link on thursday (I’ve since disabled the link), but it doesn’t look like that many checked it out.  I can’t see any indication of nefarious visiting to the site.
So, what happened?  Maybe it’s just a glitch in the Typepad figuring?  Perhaps after the weekend it’ll get rectified.

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